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What is Girl Talk Series?

The bond between Allison, Erica and Kelly is palpable.  After meeting in 2015, they quickly realized the need for events geared towards working women that created a sense of community in Atlanta!  In August of 2015, #GIRLTALKSERIES was launched!  Our mission is to help current bloggers and ladypreneurs hone in on their already awesome skill set though seminars, workshops and a multitude of other educational events – and still have fun doing so!



Meet The Founders:


Kelly Boring

Kelly Boring is a native Atlantan and has a strong passion for food and fitness. Through her long journey, she’s realized how essential food and fitness are to creating the body you’ve always wanted! Kelly loves the diverse Atlanta food scene, and is always on the hunt for the best queso the city has to offer! Whether she’s getting her sweat on at BURN Studios or showing her Sculpt at SculptHouse, she loves mixing it up when it comes to her workouts! Being a lady of balance, she’s a firm believer in indulging in moderation. And as one-third of the Girl Talk Series trio, it’s a dream to create events for ladies in the Atlanta community to connect with like minds and create a support team of fabulous women!


Allison Cawley

If you’re looking for a DIY nut who loves sharing tips and tricks to live a more positive life – you’ll find that in Allie. When she’s not working as a ​Marketing #girlboss by day for an international​ women’s shoe company; Allie can be found running her lifestyle blog, Peachfully​ Chic.  While she shares everything from home projects, entertaining, & travel adventures, to dining experiences, fitness, career and a dash of style on Peachfully Chic​, she’s also a Contributing DIY Editor of Craft Box Girls.  ​

Born in Augusta, GA​, raised on ​the Masters, sweet tea, & crafts, and a​ ​graduate of Georgia Tech​;  Allie combines her deep rooted southern style and unique ​international travel ​experiences from living abroad to deliver inspiring projects that anyone can replicate and everyone can relate to.  Leveraging a strong digital media, marketing, and sales background; she’s excited to inspire and empower a generation of women to discover and follow their own passions wherever their #girlboss dreams may take them!


Erica Key

As a child, Erica was greatly exposed to cultural diversity. She attributes her exposure to her father, who made sure that she was well traveled, and her mother, who seldom prepared meals on the weekends, chose to dine out instead. Founded in 2013, ‘Eating With Erica’ is a premier food blog created by Erica Key. Erica has always had a fascination for the dining scene and a passion for showcasing the latest restaurants to her friends and families.  She is in motion to fuse the lines that separate culture, nutrition, and dining out.

So if you’re ever in the Atlanta area, have a seat, and enjoy a meal while Eating with Erica.’Eating With Erica’ currently has a column in Hype Magazine called Food Stamped. Erica Key is also the Vice President of Outreach and Partnership with the Association of Food Bloggers. Erica serves as the VP on the board for the Association of Food Bloggers.”My goal for “Eating with Erica” is to expand everyone’s foodie horizons, showcase talented, hard-working chefs, spotlight fabulous restaurants, introduce the latest spirits on the market, and provide people with a go-to guide for everything food.”

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